How do you say in italian 'where is the TV'?

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How do you say in italian 'where is the TV'?




  1. Dov'è la Gelateria?

    This means where is the ice-cream cafe. Many young Europeans prefer the "street feeling," being out and watching the people go by as they chat with one another. The chairs in many cafes throughout Europe face the street. So, I translated the purpose of TV - Entertainment culturally instead of literally. Just my opinion.

  2. Dov'è il televisore?

  3. dov' è la tv (televisione)?

  4. Dov'è la TV (televisione)

  5. dov'è la tv?

    if u wanna know other things in italian contact me on my istant messaging(i'm italian)

  6. Dov'è la tv?

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