How did geographical boundaries and maps originate?

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I mean who drew those lines and how? What purpose were they most meant to serve when they were first made?




  1. It was develoed by some of the business man who want to go to other countries to do business

    They were not sure where they were going and they thought that if they had a direction then it woud be useful to them

    so Atlas thinked that to help the people to know the direction then he collected all the predrawings from the library and joined them and prepared maps and atlasa for the future use

  2. Maps took a leap of human consciousness.  People had to "see" land from far above.  That's pretty advanced stuff for a bunch of monkeys trying to be human.

    The very first map (so it's thought) is from ancient Egypt, and it shows how to get to the gold fields on the western side of the Nile.

  3. When man set out from his house he wanted the direction in which he was going, where he changed direction, what is his new direction, what are the landmarks and waypoints and all that. First he drew on the soft gound with a stick. After it became a routine practice, he started doing on animal hides. The oldest map of learned man is that drawn by "Ptolemy".

    When the sea explorations became a big activity they needed good maps giving impetus to Cartography.

    Human societies split up into dissimilar societies. When one group attacked other group or tribe, after a few fights they drew a boundary between them and committed the same on the map on a hide. With wars increasing they saw it as a primary reason to extend their domain and even to subjugate some other tribe.

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