1.)where are the 4 oceans located on the map? 2.) what are the 4 great civilizations of africa?

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What are the 13 continents




  1. There are 5 oceans

    Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian and Southern.


    Here is a list of Africa's Great Civilizations

  2. Tyler S is correct

  3. Do you mean............. The Atlantic Ocean would be in the middle of a map centered around Europe and Africa? As in, the Indian Ocean is located South of India and West of Australia? The Arctic Ocean is North of Russia and Canada. The Pacific Ocean is to the East of China and Japan, but to the West of the United States. Your question wasn't very specific. Just to cover all bases.....

    1. Pacific Ocean

    2. Atlantic Ocean

    3. Indian Ocean

    4. Arctic Ocean

    There was only four great civilizations of Africa......

    Let me see.... The Egyptians

    That's all I know.

    There happen to be 7 continents which are:

    1. North America

    2. South America

    3. Europe

    4. Asia

    5. Africa

    6. Australia

    7. Antarctica

  4. Officially, in addition to the above answers, there is now a fifth ocean, known as the Southern Ocean.  It is defined as the body of water surrounding Antarctica, and extends northward to 60 degrees south latitude.  See here:

    Of course there is some debate about this.

  5. Oceans-- They will be the big blue spaces of water.  Continents will be the huge land masses they are then split into countries.

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