How can I contact India's railway minister, Laloo Prasad Yadav, by email?

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How can I contact India's railway minister, Laloo Prasad Yadav, by email?




  1. You know about RAMCHANDRA or RAMAYAN & know chitrkoot

    (Chitrkoot ke ghat par bhai santan ki bhir tulsi das chandan ghisye tilak det raghuvir...)

    Chitrkoot railway ki aur uske aas paas ki halat sudhare, madum aapse meri vinamar vinti hai hath jod kar..


    (Jai Hind)

  2. To,
    Respected Mamta Didi
    Railway Minister

    Respected Didi ,

    from my side and from the side of entire maithil community from Jharkhand & Bihar cordialy and
    heartly wants to request you to regularise a Train Named " JAYNAGAR - RANCHI - EXPRESS "
    from RANCHI  to  JAYNAGAR .

    We all are facing a huge problem to move one place to another place . It's a Public demand didi.
    Said Train will link not only Jharkhand and North Bihar but Nepal border area also .

    Kindly consider our request and regularise the Jaynagar - Ranchi - Express from Ranchi to
    Jaynagar and oblige the entire peoples of Bihar & Jharkhand .

    With Best regards .

    E - MAIL :
    contact no - 09431169798.

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