Best hospital / pediatrician in coimbatore?

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i m staying in coimbatore for a month and I need my 2 month old baby to get some vaccinations as per the vaccination chart. we used to do it in bangalore, and they have some painless, feverless vaccines, and it was of no problem to the baby. I am not sure if such thing is available in coimbatore, also i would be glad if someone can recommend the best hospital and pediatrician. thank you




  1. hi.i'm a native of coimbatore,now living in chennai. i too hav a 4 mnths old baby. i wud suggest u to meet dr.shankar in 100 ft rd. he comes to balakrishna hospital. he has all types of vaccines, painless ones too. he is a very good doc who patiently answers all our doubts. we need to get prior appts for vaccines.

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