Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says Dwight Howard’s game has few blind spots

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Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says Dwight Howard’s game has few blind spots
The five-time All-Star Dwight Howard is having a phenomenal season, and has a decent chance of nabbing the league’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ title this season. The Big Man’s belligerent charisma on the court has posed a major threat for the opposition as he
continues to provide fireworks throughout the season.
However, Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thinks that there is still room for improvement in Howard’s game.
Abdul-Jabbar wishes he could have worked with the star centre.
“I think I could have shown him a few things that would have helped his game a lot. Such an incredible athlete. There are a few blind spots in his game just because he didn’t stay in school long enough to get all of that down, but just really an incredible
athlete,” he said.  
The Los Angeles Lakers Legend says he would like an opportunity to show a few things to Howard.
In his career with the Milwaukee Bucks and Lakers from 1969 to 1989, Abdul-Jabbar holds the honour of being the leading scorer in the league’s history.  The legendary player clinched 38,387 points and gathered 17,440 rebounds in his splendid career. He played
three championship teams at college and led his high school team to 71 successive games.  
Abdul-Jabbar was the NBA’s all-time leader in points, games played and field goals made at the twilight of his career. An advice by such a player who carries a tremendous track record can surely provide additional allure to the Howard’s aggressive play.
The Big man Howard was selected in the 2004 NBA Draft by Orlando Magic followed by an outstanding high school career. He has been regard as in of the best all-round player in the league consistently. He has led his team to one Conference and three division
titles as he continues to spearhead his team for the upcoming playoff this season.
Howard’s defense is exceptionally strong and his foot work has improved significantly, enabling him to dunk belligerently. The superstar is averaging 23.1 lands in the ongoing season; however, with his size, athleticism and experience he can achieve a lot
more than that.
The 25-year old star centre, however, has a few weaknesses: his hook shot is not as perfect as many other great players in the league.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was known for his indefensible hook shot, well known as ‘Sky Hook’. He used to release the ball at the maximum point of his arm's arching motion after bending his entire body like a straw. If Abdul-Jabbar were to teach him the hook shot,
Dwight Howard could possibly become fanatically unstoppable.       



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