Fernando Alonso: New Pirelli tyres will force teams to rethink their strategies – Formula 1 news

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Fernando Alonso: New Pirelli tyres will force teams to rethink their strategies – Formula 1 news
Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso has said that the new tyres supplied for Formula 1 by Pirelli are going to drive the teams to rethink their strategies and race in a completely different manner during the 2011 Formula 1 season.
During the pre-season test sessions, most of the teams reported that the new tyres are degrading quicker than it was expected which will force them to go for multiple pit stops during the races.
As a result, racing would now become more unpredictable and dramatic as compared to the 2010 Formula 1 season and Alonso believes that it is going to be crucial for the teams to monitor the new tyres during the free practice sessions before the qualifying
session of the season-opening race in Australia.
“For sure there is a new way of doing the races in terms of strategy, so let's say that a new Formula One is starting here in Melbourne in terms of the strategy point of view,” Alonso said.
He added that the teams will need to learn and try to keep all the “new things” for the upcoming races but they will have to focus on their pit strategies as it will play a big part in the new season.
Alonso added, “On the other hand, maybe qualifying on Saturday has a little bit less value compared to last year, because on Sunday there will be more things to come, more factors on the track.”
Since the degradation of the tyres is going to enable the drivers to attempt overtaking more easily, the qualifying positions will matter but in the end, the better driver will be in a superior position at each venue.
According to the data acquired by the pre-season test sessions’ results, the soft tyres last for around 15
laps while the harder compounds last for around 25 laps.
However, Ferrari are hoping for a better performance in the new season as compared to their run in 2010.
The season opening race is scheduled to take place on 27 March, 2011 in Australia.



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