Hall Green Greyhound Racing Highlights

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Hall Green greyhound racing highlights
There was a busy card yesterday at Hall Green Stadium, with several interesting 480m races on the bill. There were 12 races in total, with each one providing a high level of action and excitement for greyhound racing fans.
The first race at 11:03 saw Funcheon Silver pick up a win over five worthy competitors. Going into the race, Funcheon Silver was the 5/2 favorite, and didn’t disappoint with a great finish of 28.95 seconds out of trap two. Funcheon Silver led the pack for the entire race, and quickly moved away from the other dogs out of the gate. Crokers Beer was playing on 4/1 odds, and finished second out of trap three in 29.13. He was 2¼ lengths behind the leader, and held and early pace in the race.
Crokers Beer was followed by Head Iton Amelia in third (4/1, 29.41, 3½ lengths), and Swift Sadie (7/2, 29.43) in fourth by a neck. Bringing up the rear were Brooklyn Tom (4/1, 29.44), who placed fifth by a shoulder, and Goinglight Pott in sixth (29.64, 2½ lengths).
Highfire Tiger claimed a victory in the 11:34 race with a finish of 29.39 coming out of trap one. Highfire Tiger was not the favourite, however, and carried 3/1 odds. Second place went to Catunda Fitzer, who finished the race in 29.49, and was behind by 1¼ lengths. Rathvilly John (7/2), the third-place finisher, ended only half a length back in 29.53, while Honcho Kid placed fourth in 29.57, half a length behind Catunda Fitzer.
Honcho Kid, the favourite to win the race with 5/2 odds, has not had a great record lately at Hall Green, with a fifth-place finish in his last race, and three consecutive second-place finishes before that. Fifth and sixth place went to Head Iton Bolt (6/1, 29.87, 3¾ lengths), and Avaheen Kingdom (10/1, 29.95, 1 length), respectively.
In the 12:04 race, Mores The Pity pulled off an upset victory. Mores the Pity had 8/1 odds going into the race, and finished in 29.38. The favourite in the race was Catunda Yeats, who despite having 6/4 odds to finish first, placed second in 29.50, only 1½ lengths behind the leader. Third place went to Blonde Alfie (3/1) in 29.38 by a head, while Mutton Cutlet (4/1) came in fourth out of trap five with a finish of 29.59, 1 length behind Blonde Alfie.
Meriden Mary claimed fifth place in 29.69 (7/2. 1¼ lengths), and Watch Carew finished last in 30.17 (14/1, 6 lengths). Watch Carew’s record has varied greatly during his career at Hall Green. In his last race on 6 August, he placed first, 7¼ lengths ahead of the competition.
The excitement at Hall Green will continue this Friday with another great race night. The first race is scheduled to begin at 19:25 GMT.  



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