Guillermo Lorente wants Messi to return to Newell’s Old Boys

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The Argentine outfit’s supremo has expressed hope that one day the Argentine will return to the club where his football career began.
Newell’s Old Boys’ president, Guillermo Lorente, has voiced his appreciation for Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, claiming that he is without a doubt one of the finest players in the world.
The official also went on to insist that he is hoping for the Barca number 10 to make a comeback to his native country later in his career.
Newell’s Old Boys is the club where it all began for a very young Lionel Messi. The left-footed forward started playing for the Rosario based club in 1995. During his time at the Argentine outfit, the footballer was able to establish himself as a promising
Although a number of clubs recognized Messi as an exceptional talent, a dominating majority of teams decided against signing the youngster due to medical issues. The Argentine international lacked a growth hormone and clubs refused to invest in his medical
However, Barcelona made use of this opportunity and signed the Ballon d’Or winner. The Spanish giants took on the expense of La Pulga’s treatment as he was admitted in Barca’s well-reputed La Masia.
The youth academy provided the footballer with the training he needed to become the player he is today.
As of now, the Argentine national side’s captain has managed to win three Ballon d’Or awards along with becoming the highest goal-scorer in Europe. He also broke the record of becoming the highest goal scorer in the history of
Guillermo Lorente emphasized that he dreams about the day when Messi will sign for his childhood club again.
While talking to reporters, the Argentine was quoted as saying:
"We can watch him and dream that one day he will come back. He is still very young, [but] let's hope that one day he can return, to retire here, or to play here. He should. It should be an obligation for him."
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