Guillermo Lorente hails Bielsa’s influence over Newell’s Old Boys

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The Rosario club’s supremo has heaped praise over the veteran tactician, stating that he holds a special place at the club.
Argentine club Newell’s Old Boys’ president, Guillermo Lorente, has voiced his admiration for Marcelo Bielsa.
Lorente claimed that Bielsa is an iconic figure in the history of the club, emphasizing that fewer individuals have managed to make the impact that the Argentine trainer did.
The former head coach’s time as manager of the club is more esteemed as compared to his time as a footballer.
The trainer represented the Argentine side as a defender; however, he was unable to make a name for himself as an athlete.
As a result, Bielsa retired from professional football at the age of 25 and began an early coaching career soon afterwards.
His time as the tactician with the club is much revered by the club’s fans. Such is the respect held by the former manager that the Rosario-based outfit’s stadium is named after him. Under his management, La Lepra won two Argentine Championships
along with securing the second position in the Copa Libertadores deérica-c38391 once.
While speaking about the veteran trainer, Guillermo Lorente was quoted as saying:
"If there is one idol in the history of Newell's, it's Marcelo Bielsa. When you speak about Bielsa, you speak about Newell's and vice versa. He talks about Newell's too - he is one of the most popular people at the club.”
"One day he will come back to Newell's. He is one of the people who is most likely to have the doors open for him when he wants to come back."
At the moment, Marco Bielsa is facing a rather difficult situation with Bilbao, as a misunderstanding with the club’s official almost led to his departure from the San Mames outfit.
Prior to this, the former Espanyol manager led Los Leones to two important finals in the recently passed season. However, the Basque outfit were unable to win any of the tournaments and secured silver medals in the Copa del Rey and the Europa League.



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