Full Ov Beans looking for a surprise victory in Claydon Horse Exercisers Handicap Chase

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Full Ov Beans looking for a surprise victory in Claydon Horse Exercisers Handicap Chase
Full Ov Beans will be looking to surprise his opponents in the Claydon Horse Exercisers Handicap Chase at Folkestone in England on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. Most of his rivals have been struggling for form, thus he has got a solid chance of taking an advantage
in the class-5 contest.
A total of 10 runners have lined up for action in the 2 mile contest, which is scheduled to kick off at 13:30 GMT. There was some rain overnight, which made the conditions tricky in the morning, but things have improved a lot since then.
Therefore, the going has become good and the organisers will be happy with the situation now. The spectators at Folkestone would have hoped for a dry race, as the runners give their 100 percent in such conditions.
Everyone will be pushing extremely hard for a victory and the contestant who succeeds, will walk away with a cash prize of £2,053.
It would have been extremely difficult for the bookmakers to rate any one runner as the favourite to succeed. The competition is going to be a tough one and no one seems to have any particular advantages over the other.
Despite that, Roc De Guye has been given the highest odds for a victory and will enter the contest with a starting price of 7 to 2. He has been in pretty decent touch over the past couple of events, thus the punters will be interested in gambling a lot of
bets on him.
However, the skilful gelding does not have a very good strike rate in races over fences, which will put him under some pressure. He has entered 24 of such events, winning just three of them.
The James Evans’ trainee will need to make an improvement in order to start delivering consistent results for his team.
On the other hand, Full Ov Beans does not have a lot of experience compared to his main rival, but he certainly possesses the ability to be successful in this form of racing.
The Michael Gates’ trained gelding has appeared in five chase competitions, winning a couple of them whereas finished third once. This shows what he can achieve at this level and the punters should definitely gamble more bets on him.
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