Eremenko denies rift with Rubin Kazan’s Kurban Berdyev

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0 LIKES UnLike has denied any conflict with the Russian Premier League club’s manager and has remained tight lipped over Gokhan Tore’s departure
Rubin Kazan midfielder, Roman Eremenko, has dismissed the reports of a rift with Kurban Berdyev, insisting that he respects the 60-year-old coach and will return to the Tsentralnyi stadium in the near future.
The 25-year-old is currently in Finland after being referred by the club doctors for an operation abroad.
However, news in Russian media suggest that Eremenko is not happy with his situation at the Kazan-based club particularly because of lack of playing time and the Finnish International is not likely to return to Russia after handing
in a transfer request.
Since then, name of some of the elite European clubs have been linked with the former Dynamo Kyiv player. If speculations are to be believed, Milan and Shakhtar Donetsk are keeping tabs on Eremenko, who has already scored
three goals this season.
But Eremenko rebuffed the media claims that he is not likely to return to his parent club, saying that there is no truth behind the rumours and he respect Berdyev just like his teammates.
“I went to Finland for my treatment. I have no conflict with Berdyev. Why would I have a conflict with Kurban Bekievich? I have read about the news and laughed.”
“Doctors at Kazan recommended me to go to Helsinki. It is sad that I will not return until the end of the year as the Russian championship only has a week left before the winter break.”
“Now I feel fine but the foot still hurts. I hope for a speedy recovery. I hope to return to Kazan is about a week. I have a very good relationship with him.” The Ukrainian Super Cup winner was quoted as saying.
The former player admitted that Berdyev is a professional coach who has done a lot for the Kazan-based club during his ten year long stay.
Speaking on Gokhan Tore, who escaped the Russian outfit after refusing to train with the team, Eremenko revealed that he does not know anything why the Turkish winger left the base.



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