Freddie Roach: Juan Manuel Marquez insulted Manny Pacquiao and will have to pay for it – Boxing news

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Freddie Roach: Juan Manuel Marquez insulted Manny Pacquiao and will have to pay for it – Boxing news
Freddie Roach, who is the trainer of eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao, has claimed his fighter will make Juan Manuel Marquez pay for the insult and embarrassment he has hurled onto him.
The Mexican Dinamita, Marquez, who is the current World Boxing Association Super, World Boxing Organisation and The Ring Lightweight World Champion, recently went to Philippines wearing a t-shirt which said he beat Pacquiao in their previous two fights and
Roach revealed the Filipino star is furious over his opponent’s act.
Roach told On the Ropes Boxing Radio, “Juan Marquez went to the Philippines and wore a t-shirt saying that he beat Manny twice. It was a slap in the fact to Manny. It was an embarrassment, trying to embarrass Manny. Manny’s going to pay him back! Manny will
knock this one out!”
The 51-year-old trainer, who is more commonly known as Master Roach, was also asked about Pacquiao training and Roach responded by claiming Pacquiao is already going ahead of schedule. Roach in the end added Pacquiao really wants to win this fight.
Roach stated, “He’s very focused. He started boxing eight weeks out with Linares to help him get ready for his fight, so he’s a little bit ahead of schedule. He’s boxing very intensely. He sparred eight rounds yesterday and then we did eight rounds with
the mitts. He’s just on fire right now. He really wants this fight.”
The 32-year-old Pacquiao, who is the current World Boxing Organisation Welterweight World Champion (Super Champion), and Marquez will lock horns on November 12, 2011 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Pacquiao and Marquez first met back in May 2004 and their fight ended up in a highly controversial draw. There second came four years later in March 2008 and it also had a controversial ending because Pacquiao was awarded a split decision over Marquez.
Therefore, there upcoming trilogy bout is one of the most-anticipated bouts of the year, as this will decide who the real winner among them is. However, let’s see if Pacquiao can really beat Marquez once again as Marquez has desperately waited three years
to prove himself.



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