Mexico men’s national volleyball team defeats Cuba by 3-2 in Pool A: Pan American Games

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Mexico men’s national volleyball team defeats Cuba by 3-2 in Pool A: Pan American Games
The first match of Pool A took place between Cuba and Argentina as part of the men’s volleyball tournament at the Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011. The Mexican squad took the win by 3-2 after five sets.
The first set of the match started off with both the teams almost level with each other but eventually, Cuba was able to take the lead and bag the opening set. The second set saw the lead go to the Argentineans and once they had it, they stuck with it till
the very end. With the match level, both the teams started off the third set on equal grounds and stayed neck to neck with each other till the very end of the set when the Argentineans put on a burst of speed and took it for their own. The fourth set saw the
Cubans go on strong and perform well. They kept the lead with them and were able to bag a comfortable win. The fifth and the final set of the game went close all through but ended with a Mexican victory that got them the match at the following final set scores:
25-22, 18-25, 24-26, 25-18 and 15-13.  
The coach of the Cuban team, Orlando Samuels, expressed himself in the following manner at the press conference that was conducted after the match had reached its close: “We feel glad because we finally won. I did not like the way we played today a lot,
but in the end the final result really counts. Argentina is a complicated team, they play very smart and that make a difficult match for us. The first match is always difficult.”
On the other hand, the coach of the Argentinean team Javier Weber made the following comments to share his views: “This was a tough match, very competitive. Argentina worked very well in defence and service, but with a rival like Cuba it is always difficult.
We have gotten some points that are very important for the general classification, because the competition system y complicated.”
Wilfredo Leon tallied 19 points for Cuba to become the top scorer whereas the most points scored on the Argentinean side was by Federico Pereyra. Pereyra kept the pressure on the Cubans by registering a total of 18 points for his team.
Despite the fact that they won the match, the Cubans committed more errors than the Argentineans at 38 -35.    



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