Frank Schleck to lead Luxembourg in World Championships as Andy misses out – Cycling News

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Frank Schleck to lead Luxembourg in World Championships as Andy misses out – Cycling News
Tour de France 2011 runner up Andy Schleck has ruled himself out of the World Championships as he has not fully recovered from a recent tooth treatment. He has already missed the GP de Montreal and GP de Quebec in Canada as he was hopeful to recover before
the World Championships to ride along with his brother Frank Schleck at the event.
The Luxembourg rider shared his disappointment on missing the Canadian races earlier this month as Le Quotidien quoted him saying, “I regret that I can’t take part in these two races because I love racing in North America, and I was very excited by the idea
of taking part in these two Canadian races.” Andy was positive that he will recover before the World Championships and will be able to lead the Luxembourg team in the tournament.
He expected the healing process to complete sooner and was looking ahead to race at GP Wallonie on September 14 but seems like he has to wait longer than that before getting back on his bike. Andy had to remove his wisdom tooth as he was going through the
pain since weeks and it is still in doubt if he will be able to make an appearance at the international scene this year.
The 26-year-old was disappointed on missing the World Championships as he stated on his twitter account, “I’m not going to the world’s because of my tooth problem. Healing slower than expected.” Last time Andy was seen in action was on August 28 in Colorado
and he had to miss many races after that due to his dental surgery. Keeping in mind, Bob Jungles was in the reserves for Luxembourg team as a replacement in case Andy could not make it through. The team has decided to ride at the World Championships with five
riders not including the Under-23 Jungles in their squad. The five players who will represent the team in the event include Ben Gastauer, Christian Poos, Laurent Didier, Jempy Drucker and Andy’s older brother Frank Schleck.
Gilles Heymes, Michel Hubsch, Christophe Braun, Tom Schwarmes and Antoine Mores will represent Luxembourg Junior Men’s in the event while Christine Majerus, Chantal Hoffmann, Fabienne Schauss and Nathalie Lamborelle will form the Luxembourg Women’s team
for the World Championships 2011 starting next week in Copenhagen.
It will be interesting to see how Frank Schleck fills in the gap of his star brother as he is very capable of taking the game away from the opposition at any point. Frank finished third at the Tour de France 2011, 56 seconds behind Andy and is currently
at 8th position in the UCI World Tour individual rankings with 284 points while Andy has secured the 12th position with 252 points.



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