Formula One News: Jenson Button files case against Brawn Mercedes

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Formula One News: Jenson Button files case against Brawn Mercedes
McLaren driver Jenson Button has clawed his way back into the headlines for being involved in a legal battle against Mercedes GP. There were various rumours spiralling across the globe regarding the reasons why Jenson had filed the case. However, after weeks of speculations, the real story has been revealed. It was a clause that was mentioned in the agreement that he had signed which meant that he would join the team.

When the rumours got fire earlier it was thought that probably it was about the duration of the contract. However, other corners had suggested that it might be over some shares that he was promised at the Brawn GP. As the lawsuit filed by Jenson Button is worth millions of dollars, the gossips and rumours kept mounting accordingly.

Reporters and editors from all around have been trying to spy hard including digging out the real matter. They had been continuously visiting the High Court in London as well. However, all they were able to find Force India’s claim against Lotus, for illegally copying their design of the wind tunnel.

After intense amount of sniffing, the media finally came to know why the driver is angry. While signing the contract with the Barkley based team, Button was promised a Champion Winning car of which only six had been built so far. Button had this clause written in his agreement.

It had been reported by Daily Mail that the contract between Jenson and Brawn had clearly mentioned in one of its clauses that if the driver is able to win a Drivers’ Championship, one chassis of the type driven during the winning season would be transferred to Jenson Button’s name.

While it had been several months that Button had left the team, he could not get his hands on one of the promised cars. Negotiations have taken place time and again between the previous team and the driver. However, the promised vehicle is yet to be delivered. The writ that had been submitted by the old Mercedes driver also quotes the emails that were previously exchanged between the two. They explain that Mercedes, in early January, wrote to Button that no spare cars were available for only a limited number of the cars were made owing to their heavy cost. It further explained that back then, Mercedes was busy in the development of their 2010 car and therefore it was not possible for them to build a car for him. Moreover, they said that during the month of July, when they would be closing their factory work on the 2010 car, Mercedes will be in a position to arrange a chassis of the type that Button had been driving during the 2009 season.

However, Button was not happy with what Mercedes was offering, as he thinks that it would not have historical value of the car that made him win six Grand Prix’s as well as the Drivers’ Championship in 2009. It would only be a replica that would not have the qualities of being unique and special.

Mercedes have tried to stay away from the courts and have tried to hold a deal with the Englishman. Jenson Button has been told that he can take the ownership of the Mercedes GP 001 which has a worth of around a million pound. Keep checking out this space for further updates.



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