Football Update: Maradona and Carlos Bilardo’s brawl - the legend’s future is at stake

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Football Update: Maradona and Carlos Bilardo’s brawl - the legend’s future is at stake
The dispute between the Argentinean legend Diego Maradona and Carlos Bilardo is getting intensively exothermic day by day. The stories and controversies are still hot and the rivalry between the Argentinean star legend and football association is getting hotter and hotter.
Recently Carlos Bilardo answered the accusations by the legend football player Maradona very bluntly in front of the media. It is to be remembered that Maradona accused former Argentinean coach Bilardo of betraying and backstabbing him, which according to him caused the result in the dismissal from his job, as the coach of Argentinean national team.
Bilardo, who was the coach of the 1986 national team, led his team to the glory of being world champions. The former Argentinean skipper and player Maradona not only put allegations of betrayal over the former coach Bilardo but he also blamed AFA (Argentine Football Association) president as well, of lying in the press conference. It is not doubtful to say that Maradona’s battle now looks like a very hard pill to swallow for him, as the management has the authority to dismiss anyone they like. Messing with the AFA president emerged as not an easy task for this football legend.
In the recent interview, Carlos Bilardo expressed his views very angrily and bluntly to the media about the issue and blamed Maradona for his dismissal. He said that he was keeping his mouth shut because it was in the interest of the reputation of the football association but it looks like the things are getting out of his control. He added that Maradona is definitely crossing the limits now and he will not let him humiliate his persona anymore. After that, Bilardo informed he is planning a news conference to settle the brawl by himself. It is to be remembered that AFA, offered a contract to Maradona to train the national team till the world cup of 2014, with some rules and regulations to follow, which were lately declined by Maradona. 
Despite of this war of words between the management and the former legend; Maradona has also been criticized by the people and critics over his bleak tactical knowledge of the game. Bilardo continued his interview by saying that the former legend is being greedy and the management cannot satisfy all his needs and desires. He added and expressed his anger by saying that Maradona was nothing without him, as he was the coach of the world cup winning team and he deserves a strong gratitude from the former Argentinean captain. Later Julio Grando, the president of AFA tried to settle the brawl and answered the allegations by saying  that the association has offered the job to Maradona, with some conditions and it was up to him to accept them or not. He added that he is feeling very sad about the legendry footballer and he never lied to him, the only thing which made the difference were the conditions imposed by the association over the new contract.
Maradona joined the Argentinean national team as a coach approximately 1 year and 9 months ago and brought major changes in the team according to his desires, which were not appreciated and liked by the AFA and by the Argentinean people as well. The football’s national icon’s rivalry with the management is still not settling down, as day by day new controversies and allegations are coming out from both ends. Now the football association is looking forward to grab a new coach for the national team and the names of Alejandro Sabella and Miguel Russo are at the top of the list for the future selection.
Whatever is happening in the fight, it is certainly not good for Argentinean football, as this country is considered as one of the most loving nations of this sport. As a fan, we should hope and pray for the best.



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