Broncos sign Tim Tebow to five-year deal

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Broncos sign Tim Tebow to five-year deal

After being one of the most interesting players in this year’s NFL draft, Tim Tebow has finally signed a contract that makes him an NFL pro with the Denver Broncos.

The 25th overall pick has signed a five-year $11.25million contract with $8.7million of that in guaranteed money. According to reports the deal could potentially be worth up to $33million.

Tebow missed the first three workouts for the Broncos while his agent negotiated with the Broncos front office on a deal. He is now expected to join and practice with the team today and will be signed in-time for full training camp on Sunday. The youngster, according to reports, met with team officials on Thursday afternoon and took a physical, as well as a meet and greet with coaches.

Tebow’s singing now leaves wide receiver Demaryius Thomas as Denver’s only unsigned draft pick.




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