Fill in the blank!!?

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The Jonas Brothers ________.

Miley Cyrus ________.

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  1. jonas brothers - are alright

    miley cyrus - i dont get why people like her so much! shes weird, a lip singer , and is a waste of time!

  2. the jonas brothers are ~ curley headed F#@!S who like little gurlss

    Miley cyrus is a ~ no talented little trampp whoo is only famous because of her one hit wonder daddy

  3. The Jonas Brothers suck eachother off at night.

    Miley Cyrus watches them while touching herself.

  4. suck

    quit twitter

  5. THE JONAS BROTHERS... are talented, brothers that can sing.

    MILEY CYRUS...  is an awesome pop sensation and is a really good singer

  6. The Jonas Brothers ________. are brothers???&^%$

    Miley Cyrus ________. definently no doubt, cannot sing.

  7. g*y stupid

    fill in the blank is stupid
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