Do fill-ins hurt ???

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Im 14 im not like a baby or anything but i hate when people like touch my teeth. I never had a cavity and i HATE thedenist. I have 3 ! do they hurt and dont they numb you?




  1. Fill ins hurt if u chew foil lol

  2. No, not for me. It does not hurt for me. They numb your mouth. You just sit there with your mouth open. The only thing that is scary is hearing the "clink clonks" in your mouth.

  3. Yeah they make your mouth numb but it doesn't work til after the filling... Well at least for me. I got one a couple weeks ago and I didn't feel numb for about 15 minutes after the filling! Maybe I was just unlucky...

  4. it's not too bad, but when i got one done it made me put in more effort to not get another so i wouldn't have to get another filling.

  5. I've had probably like 15 fillings and only one hurt a little, but that was because it was really deep. They give you a shot of novacaine to numb your mouth. If you're really nervous, lots of dentists now offer sedation dentistry where they give you something to relax. I don't know if they offer that for teenagers or not.

  6. They do, but it's a matter of when it numbs. Some people are unlucky...

    Whatever you do, DON'T TOUCH THE NUMBING LIQUID!!!

    It is the worst taste in your life. Just ignore it.

    This is a lesson to brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day and to floss once (in the morning)
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