Fernando Alonso feels encouraged after Friday practice of 2012 Singapore GP – Formula 1 news

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Fernando Alonso feels encouraged after Friday practice of 2012 Singapore GP – Formula 1 news
Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso has said that he is feeling very much encouraged after the successful free Friday practice of 2012 Singapore Grand Prix and is happy with the team’s progress in the season so far.
Alonso said that they have come up with some essential updates in the night race at Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore. Moreover, he said that he efficiently gathered the necessary information about the update package in the first two practice sessions
and is extremely pleased with the overall efforts which the team has made to improve the pace of F2012.
Even though, he said that they were not as competitive as they were in the Italian GP because they didn’t have the desired level of downforce. Nevertheless, he said that they are positively looking forward to perform well in the qualifying so as to secure
a competitive grid position for the approaching race.
“We tried various new components on the car: some seem to be positive, others less so, but maybe in the case of the latter, we need to spend a bit more time for them to be developed as well as possible,” Alonso said. “Overall, I would say today was positive,
even if the first impression is that we are not as competitive as we were in Monza, two weeks ago. We still lack a bit of performance on tracks like this one, where you need maximum aerodynamic downforce.”
In addition, he said that they could not assess the difference of performance on soft and supersoft Pirelli compound tyres which they will try to note in the third practice in order to make the right tyre strategy for the race ahead.
Besides, he said that it is very difficult to test the tyres because of the complicated nature of the track. Over and above, he said that tyre management is surely going to play an important role in the upcoming race and they really need to manage their
tyres well.
Let’s see whether the current leader in the drivers’ championship will be able to maintain his lead in the remaining season or not. 



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