FIFA World Cup 2010 : Luis Suarez from a good player to being a legend for Uruguay

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FIFA World Cup 2010 – Luis Suarez: A journey from being a good player to being a legend for Uruguay

The match between Uruguay and Ghana was a thriller. Both the teams were at the top of their form, performed really well throughout the match and did not let the other take over them.

Uruguay started their World Cup in a tough group, when they were paired up with the favourite French side along with the host nation South Africa and the very impressive South American side, Mexico. Uruguay had their first match against the French and the match ended in a goalless draw, with the Uruguayans showing the fans what they are made of.

Their next match was against the host nation and then was the time to show how tough their team really is. The South Americans defeated the Bafana Bafana on their home ground by a 3 goal margin and getting a win over them 3-0. Two goals were scored by Diego Forlan; the first was an amazing shot from outside the box and the second was a penalty. Their third match was against the Mexicans, who were overwhelmed about their 2-0 victory over France. The Mexicans were the favourites for this match but they lost with a single goal and that goal was scored by the number 9 of the team, Luis Suarez.

Just because of their win over Mexico, they ended up on the number 1 spot in the group stages and avoided the “all-winning” Argentinean side. They met Korea in the pre quarter finals and Uruguayan team was pretty confident before the match, as the Korean side did not look very impressive during their group stages. Luis Suarez was the man of the match in that game, undoubtedly. He made his country proud by scoring an early goal and putting the pressure on the Koreans.

However, the first goal was a big mistake made by the Korean goalkeeper, as he totally left the ball when it was coming right his way and Suarez made no mistake and planted the ball into the net. The Koreans equalised during the second half, right before the 70th minute mark. Later, during the match, Luis Suarez took a fabulous strike and scored a wonder goal, which dipped and curled in to find the net. The goalkeeper had no chance of stopping it, as it found the corner and even though the first goal was just a piece of cake for Suarez, the second one topped them all and it is definitely one of the best goals scored in the FIFA World Cup 2010, yet. Luis Suarez was the man of the match as he scored both the goals and made his country qualify for the quarter finals.

They had to face Ghana in the quarter finals and it was very important for the South American side because the last time they qualified for the Semi Finals was in 1974, where they could not make it to the finals and lost. On the other hand, Ghana wanted to make history and wanted to become the first African nation to qualify for the Semi Finals. Ghana took first blood as the Inter Milan star Muntari scored a shocking long ranged goal to lead the score line. Later, in the second half, Diego Forlan scored from a marvellous free kick to put the match on level terms. None of the teams could find an opening for another goal but kept on trying until the final whistle was blown and the match went onto extra time.

During the extra time, Ghana kept approximately 70% of the possession, and took too many shots on goal. Almost at the last minute of the extra time, Ghana won a free kick on the right side of the field and it was taken beautifully, as it curled in perfectly for a header taken by Gyan. With the keeper beaten, the defender kept it out right on the goal line. After two shots, the last shot was struck which was blocked by Luis Suarez by his hand and he was red carded and gave Ghana a penalty to win it in the last second. Luis Suarez left the field as Gyan struck the shot on the cross bar and could not score. Luis Suarez, because of this act, became a good-for-nothing for a split second, but then became a hero and a legend in the books of history. Uruguay later on won the match 4-2, on penalties and recorded once again became a part of the Semi Finals.

Luis Suarez, although, won’t be a part of the Semi Final against Netherlands; but he helped advance his team to the semi finals, with a little help from Gyan, as he handled the ball right on the goal line and Gyan could not become the hero of his nation and Suarez did. Suarez sacrificed himself for his country and his team and is now, undoubtedly, a legend in the eyes of Uruguayans who still stand a chance in this World Cup.



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