FIFA 2010 World Cup: Spain’s Fabregas backs team mate Torres, who has failed to score in four games so far

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FIFA 2010 World Cup: Spain’s Fabregas backs team mate Torres, who has failed to score in four games so far
Arsenal Captain Cesc Fabregas has backed Fernando Torres and expects him to get over the goal drought soon. He tipped Torres to be one of the key players for his side, when they meet Paraguay for a do-or-die quarterfinal bout.
The Liverpool striker had a season plagued with injuries, but scored whenever he was in top form. However, Torres is now fully fit but he has still failed to score in four games for his team. He never looked like the lethal finisher he is when he plays for his club. Marred by bad luck Torres arrived in South Africa dressing a knee injury.
He has been given a lot of opportunities in front of goal, but has failed to finish. Fabregas however, supported the striker, explaining that he is accustomed to these kinds of situations. He has always been under pressure as too much has been expected from him. Nevertheless, Fabregas added that Torres thrives on pressure, and would bring his A game for his country against Paraguay.

Fabregas himself has failed to appear for his side, only making short second half appearance for the La Furia. His quality and talent is overshadowed by Xavi, as both play on the same spot. He explained his feelings over getting limited time on pitch, stating that he motivates himself that he will have a chance in the next match. He is happy that Spain is a strong team, and is doing well even without him. "Because today, perhaps you play, perhaps you don't play. You must be able to feel it that you will be able to do something in the match”, the Arsenal Captain said. He exclaimed that even though he’s not on the pitch, he still enjoyed and celebrated the victories with his squad and friends.

Fabregas expects a tough encounter against Paraguay, and he explained that many of their players play in Europe, so he is familiar with their style of play. He considered Paraguay to be a strong team, and expects a tight match. An aggressive and spirited clash is to be expected when these two quality sides meet for a spot in the semi finals of the World Cup. Fabregas added that Spain is a strong side, which loves to fight. He insisted that Spain will fight till the final whistle, and will never give up.

Brazil was a strong contender in the tournament, but was eliminated by the Netherlands reminding that anything can happen in football, and Fabregas is aware of that. He however insisted that Spain will not follow Brazil out of the tournament. Brazil has a habit of making it deep into the tournament every time and it is understood that their fans and players would be hugely disappointed by their early exit, according to midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

Spain has a chance to make national history, as they have never won the quarter finals. The closest they came to winning the contest was in 1950, where they finished fourth. The tournament had no Round of 16 or quarter finals, and winner of the group stages qualified for the semi finals. Spain has been underachievers in international tournaments so far, with only two European Championships to their name. They are the current European Champions, having won the title in 2008.

He continued that Spain needs to learn from its past mistakes and from errors made by others in the tournament. He was astonished by Brazil’s early exit and instigated that Brazil were not used to being eliminated at such an early stage in the tournament. He insisted that it was important for his team to make it into the quarter finals, and aim to make it all the way to the final. He added that they need to get over the European feat, and the time is now to perform and do well. He and his team are motivated and would want to use their experience at such a stage to make history and bring home their deserved glory.



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