FA looking for a young coach to assist England manager Fabio Capello

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FA looking for a young coach to assist England manager Fabio Capello
The Football Association (FA) has disclosed that it is in search of a young coach to work under England manager Capello. The FA has also revealed that their priority will be a home-grown Englishman. The hope is to groom a
young coach, under Capello, to one day take the national team’s managerial post.
The FA is hopeful of appointing a coach in a month’s time. England’s former captain Alan Shearer is being linked with the post but FA’s general secretary Alex Horne declined to give any names.
Horne stated, “It's something which I spoke to Trevor (director of football development) about just before Christmas. I've got a preferred candidate but I'm not going to give you a name. I envisage it will be a part-time contractual
arrangement. It's an environment where a young coach can come in and learn from Fabio, but also learn from the experiences of Stuart, (Under-17 manager) John Peacock and the other national coaches.”, with a game in hand. Capello has also acknowledged that his side’s remaining
qualifying matches are important.
He said, “I hope for the next games we have to play, the best players will be fit. My goal is qualify for the Euros and it will be really important every game that we play."
Former England captain has also expressed his desire to feature in the Euro 2012. He has signed a one-month training deal with Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. Beckham was aiming to spend a two-month long loan
term at the club to prove his fitness to Capello, in order to get a recall for the national side.
England were humiliated in the 2010 World Cup where they were knocked-out early in the tournament by The players were also blamed for showing lack of intent to play for the national side. The FA believes that appointing
a young English coach to assist Capello will reignite the passion in the English line-up.
In November last year, England were defeated 2-1 at home by a well-organized on the 26th of March.



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