RIP Fabio Capello: His Term as England’s Manager All But Over – Media Reports

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RIP Fabio Capello: His Term as England’s Manager All But Over – Media Reports

Fabio Capello’s tenure as the England manager is on the verge of coming to an end. All the promise, all the expectancy, and all the drama is coming to a grinding halt.

The Football Association has declared they will decide in two weeks' time on whether to keep the England manager or ask him to leave.

Capello has had an abysmal campaign with England at the World Cup, and the telling lack of vote of confidence from the FA chairman, Sir Dave Richards, is not looking good for the England manager.

Couple that with the headlines that litter the leading dailies in England (that almost resemble obituaries), things point only in one direction: that the Italian’s time in England is over.

Sir Dave Richards has publically said that he need two weeks’ time to decide on the future of the England manager, but the tales in the media and around the Fleet Street say that the axe has already been sharpened and will be wielded sooner rather than later.

The Daily Mail went on to say that the FA hierarchy believe that it will be very difficult under the prevailing circumstances for Fabio Capello to continue being the England manager, and the backlash of the media and the fans against his players and him makes it even more impossible to hold on to the job.

The sentiment is shared across the board with glaring unanimity that there is no point of Capello continuing to lead England after the abject display the team put on in Bloemfontein. However, the FA have given themselves two weeks’ time hoping against hope that some club will approach Capello and he will decide to walk out on his own accord – meaning that the FA will be spared the 10 million pound severance they will have to pay the Italian if they decide to sack the former Real Madrid coach.

Capello, on the other hand, has made clear of his intentions to remain in office and continue with the job, but he is walking on thin ice as he has lost all the supporting pillars that he had a few weeks ago. England’s early exit from the tournament gave birth to calls for a sacking from all and sundry, with the Fleet Street crew leading the charge.

Capello has seen his authority and reputation all but erode by the chaotic performance put in by his troops. The dismal campaign may be not the manager’s fault at all, but such is life at the top in football management, and now Capello has to face the dire consequences.

Capello’s methods have been under criticism since Day 1 in South Africa against USA, and now have gone into overdrive with his head being demanded. People, media, fans and pundits all have lost their faith in the Italian’s methods.

The Daily Mirror was of the idea that since setting up a pre-tournament camp in Austria, almost all the English superstars struggled miserably under Capello’s strict fitness regime; his old school methods left the players stale, unhappy and bored, and went on to say that the Italian is even out of touch with the modern methods of the game.

‘There was always going to be severe criticism about Capello’s reluctance of favouring anything other than his favourite 4-4-2 formation that looked static and one pace against a slick German side that counter attacked at lightening fast speeds,’ says the Independent.

In theory, the two week stay order in the execution of the Italian is a luxury that FA have to bear with. England’s first competitive game, a qualifier for the Euro 2012 is to be played on September 3rd 2010; however, with CVs not flying in for the job and credible candidates few and far between, the delay is only bound to provoke more and more criticism. And if, as widely expected, Roy Hodgson takes up the vacant job at Liverpool, England will be in limbo to replace the Italian with a manager of similar pedigree.



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