Eimear Cregan looking to retire from Irish Women’s Hockey – Women’s Hockey Update

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Eimear Cregan looking to retire from Irish Women’s Hockey – Women’s Hockey Update
After a long and arduous battle with health issues, Captain Eimear Cregan has announced that she will be retiring from the International Irish Women’s hockey team.
It looks as if arthritis is the culprit for her continued pain which is forcing Cregan to retire from hockey altogether. Cregan has had pain in her knees due to arthritis for the past six years and it now looks like she is unable to cope with these issues
as they are affecting her skills on the field.
With 171 matches capped for Ireland over a period of ten years, Cregan has had a tremendous hockey career. She is one of the most recognised female hockey players in Ireland and her retirement will be felt throughout the hockey circles.
Having been unable to properly train with the rest of the Irish team, Cregan was advised by the medical staff that she should consider retiring from the sport. She finally decided to announce her retirement from hockey as the pain was causing her issues
on the field.
At the age of 19, Cregan debuted in 2001 in her first match against Wales. She managed to work hard and compete at the highest levels of Women’s hockey to earn her 100th International in 2007 against Italy. Cregan became Captain in 2008 and has
played hard for her country and team. She currently has 171 Internationals at the time of her retirement from hockey.
Gene Muller, coach of the Irish Women’s hockey team was sad by the announcement of Cregan retiring from the sport. Muller has had the opportunity to work with Cregan for the past few years and has tremendous respect and admiration for her and all that she
has done for Women’s hockey in Ireland.
The President of the Irish Hockey Association (IHA), Herbie Sharman understand the immense role that Cregan had with the team and he hoped that she would still somehow be involved with the sport in a possible domestic level role.
Cregan appreciated all the support from her fans and also the Irish Institute of Sport, Irish Sports Council, ESB, Olympic Council of Ireland and the team’s sponsor Samurai. She also thanked and appreciated the efforts of Gene Muller to bring Irish hockey
to a higher level that is respected worldwide. Cregan was also appreciative of her team-mates and she hoped that they would do well to qualify for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.
It is without a doubt that Cregan will be missed tremendously by her team and the fans. She is a true legend in Women’s hockey and is respected for her fierce competitive spirit on the field.



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