EPL Breaking News: Dani Alves set to make shock move to Chelsea

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EPL Breaking News: Dani Alves set to make shock move to Chelsea 
One of Barcelona’s top performing players could potentially be on his way out of the Nou Camp and to Stamford Bridge. The player who speculated to be on his way out of the team, is Brazilian side back Dani Alvez. The Brazilian is rumoured
to be in talks with Barcelona, in regards to the fact that he is currently unhappy at the club and is looking for a new and improved contract.
Reason that the player is so angry is surprisingly the dissatisfaction and lack motivation he is suffering with the Catalan. Rumour has it that the fiasco might be related to the new summer arrived administration of the club as the La
Liga champions was a change of President from Joan Laporta to Sandro Rosell.
On the other end Carlo Ancelotti, who is the manager at Chelsea has been monitoring the right back’s situation for quite some time now. The manager has in the past tried to sign the side back, but has failed at doing so.

However with the current way of things, the manager seems to be on the verge of striking gold this time around. The player, whose future has been put into major doubt, could prove to be the marquee signing for the team.

Chelsea are currently in a tough spot thanks to their right back Jose Bosingwa, who seems to get injured far more than he should and as a result the team has to use the likes of Branislav Ivanovic to fill in for him on countless occasions.
On the other hand, the twenty seven year old side back could just be the player that the team need, to ensure their title this season. Avles’ signing however could also be given a major boost due to the fact that the player’s contract
is set to run out in the summer of 2012 and if the player refuses to sign a new deal, they would have to let go of the player for free. However if they let Chelsea pursue him formally, they could make as much as twenty five million pounds from the players
All in all, the move would prove to be a brilliant one on behalf of Chelsea, while Barcelona would be left with a bad taste in their mouth. Nonetheless if the Spanish team can make a deal with Alves that he seems worthy of his standards,
then it is safe to say that in those conditions the player won’t be going anywhere any time soon.



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