Does Lifting Weights Stunt Your Growth???

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I am 15 yrs old and about 5'2'', and I started lifting weights about a month ago. I am hitting the weights 3 times a week, and I do them until I can't do them anymore. Is this stunting my growth since I am in the stage of my bones still developing??




  1. No it doesn't.

    Lack of nutrients and bad health stunts your growth... so eat well and exercise.

  2. Lifting weights dramatically increases  Testosterone, which PROMOTES growth, so keep at it!  Short-syndrome(I made that up, so it is not a real medical term) can be caused by genetics of course, but also by poor nutrition. Now ask yourself thees questions:

    1   How big are your feet? most people with big feet are taller than others. now there are certain exceptions, such as my cousin. She is about 5'7 but has size 4 women's shoes!

    2   Is race an issue? Most Oriental people are rather small, but Europeans, European Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Africans dramatically vary in size. I have a friend who is black, but is 7'4. I also have another black friend who is barley 5 feet tall!

    I Like Soup!

  3. Man, this comes up a lot. It's a myth. Weighting lifting does not stunt growth, period. That being said, learn proper form and always use it. If you injure yourself with bad technique, that could cause you problems for the rest of your life as you are still growing.

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