Do u have a build a bearville welcome pass that is not used up to five time if u do email me it thnxz?

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YOU WIIL GET 10 ponits!




  1. Yea I think i do, let me look and if i hve it i will e-mail u, and if it dosn't work, i will try to resend a new one kk?

    LuV yA!


  2. Hi i work in build a bear workshop how can i help u?

    Or just call 1-877-789-2327 for more information in build a bear  workshop or just go to your local build a bear work shop

    About a welcome pass

    Starting this winter, each Build A bear work shop furry friend you can make can be brought  to life in our new online world.

    Signing up is free & there are no membership fees. new friends will come with their own online world animal adventure and exclusive virtual reward! just access the site using the animal ID & key code  found on the birth certificate of furry friends purchased after october 2007 or email us bye bye

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