Do reptiles grow bigger in a bigger tank?

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I have a bearded dragon, a corn snake and a terrapin. I have recently put them all in bigger tanks, i was wondering if they actually grow bigger in bigger tanks or is it just one of those myths?

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  1. If they grow bigger, you should use a bigger tank. You can use a smaller tank when it's still small.

  2. Size of the tank has nothing to do with the growth of an animal but it certainly plays an important role in their health.. if the tank is too small for the reptile.. it will never stop growing the way it is supposed to but it wont get enough body movements and thus will decrease their life expectancy.. but if the tank is bigger its more free to move and thus more exercise and thus greater life expectancy. Also reptiles would be happier staying in bigger tanks

  3. they will grow to the size they are suposed to be, no matter the size of the tank you put them in.  The difference is smaller tanks = uncomfortable reps, unhealthy conditions, and usually death at a early age

  4. No, growth is determined by how much they're fed. Genetics are also a contributing factor to the size a reptile, or indeed any animal will grow. A bigger tank would help with muscle development so they'd possibly look slightly bulkier but not necessarily bigger. They would certainly live happier and healthier lives with more room.

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