Adding 2 fish to my bigger tank?

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I have 2 lonely little goldfish left in my smaller tank, can I pu them in the larger tank with a catfish and kissing fish or will they attack one another??




  1. depends on size and what the goldfish eat if all of your fish eat the same thing then yes as long as size is comparable.

  2. no goldfish are coldwater and the others are tropical

  3. no they will attack each other

  4. No, you cant put them in there.. Sorry.

    They need different water conditions. The goldfish are coldwater fish, and produce alot of waste.. And the other fish you've mentioned are tropical fish, and they need warmer water.

    So either way, the goldfish or tropical fish "wont make it". Either the goldfish will kill the others with all the waste they make, and the cold water.. Or the tropical fish will kill the goldfish because of the warmer water they need.  

  5. i think the catfish will eat em

    but who cares jus relax n watch em die baby

  6. No you can not simple as that :)

    The kissing fish is probably a kissing gourami which is a tropical fish as well as most catfish you buy in pet stores.

    Goldfish are coldwater with completley different requirements.

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