Do You Believe There should be a common democratic republic-Earth Republic representing the whole of mankind?

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Our World,Our Planet Earth is divided into nations as has always been throughout centuries of human existence.Wars have been fought between these territorial entities at the cost of human lives.We as human beings divided by destiny into religions,regions,nations,cultures and other affiliations have killed each other and continue to do so only to appease our chauvinistic attitudes in respect to our identities vis-a-vis those who are not akin to our way of life.We have been divided throughout our history and it's high time that we,the people of Earth unite together to create a common nation representing all of mankind,representing our entire planet-A Democratic,Secular Republic Of Earth to usher in peace and progress between everyone and create a common order in which the sovereignty of our Entire Planet lies with the whole of human race.Do You Believe in This idea?I came across a Facebook Group trying to espouse this idea,if you like it,like I do,you can join as well.




  1. No, that is a classic form of socialism. First they they would want to  do is take away money from the nations who are prosperous, and give to third world countries who have not.

    Semper Fi

  2. I've only seen it work on Star Trek

    ... but that was just a TV show, and more closely represented a classless or communist society than a democratic republic

  3. World peace, brought to us by a one world government.

    Thanks but no thanks. Its a beautiful dream, but will never work, as we being human cannot possibly make it work.

    Unless of course I was to be crowned "his most holy revered king of all the earth for life..."

  4. The only way this would ever work is if we had a demonic, ruthless dictator who eliminated everyone who did not ascribe to his rules and philosophy.  He would have to completely strip humanity of its individualism and personal freedoms in order to maintain "peace".  Get real....people cannot get along with their own brothers and sisters, and you think they would quietly acclimate themselves to some Utopian republic for the betterment of mankind.

  5. No

    It sounds to me too much like one world leader.

    I know John Lennon would have love that idea but we don't live in that world.

    Considering the size of government I think it would be a very bad thing.

  6. Absolutely not. Look at the countries that have splintered in the last few years because they can't hold their own populations together.

  7. There hasn't been a conventional war among large powers since the 1940's. Most every conflict since then has been some sort of civil war within the boundaries of one nation. Do you honestly think that removing borders is going to change that animosity?

  8. Wasn't that what Adolf had in mind?

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