Cuba and Czech Republic’s prospects in the FIVB Women’s World Championship

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Cuba and Czech Republic’s prospects in the FIVB Women’s World Championship
The Caribbean team from Cuba is one of those teams that have improved a lot in the recent years. The Cuban team has performed well under the tag of North, Central American and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation (NORCECA) and now the team is up for another
challenge in the upcoming FIVB Women’s World Championship 2010, which will run from October 29 to November 14, 2010. The team is headed by vivacious coach, Juan Carlos Gala who has led the team in an exquisite way.
Cuba is in Pool C of the FIVB World Championship along with teams from United States, Germany, Thailand, Croatia, and Kazakhstan. The Cuban team will open the tournament by taking on Croatian team on 29th October, 2010 at Hamamatsu, Japan. The
team has spent enough time in preparation and it enjoys a good form at the moment. The Cuban team held their training camp in Italy and played against the club teams, in order to improve on any flaws in the team.
Before flying to Japan, the team also played a three-game friendly series with Canada last month. The Cuban team proved their steel against Canada on their home soil and won the series with a score of 2-1. Likewise, the Caribbean side also contested with
the Netherland’s squad. They travelled to Dutch country and played with a great style. Three of their matches went to five-set limit.
The head coach Juan Carlos Gala has a firm attitude to get a spot in the super-six teams at the FIVB World Championship. He said, “Our goal is to be among the top six teams in this World Championship and the team has been working very hard to achieve that
objective.” Since the FIVB has new rule of 4-2 playing system (the team can play with four hitters and two setters), the Cuban team has planned to get full advantage of it.
Yusidey Silie will be playing as Cuban setter, while Kenia Carcaces, Yoanna Palacios will perform their duties as wing-spikers. The rest of the team will have Rachel Santos and Rosanna Giel as middle blockers and Libet Arredondo, the libero. Eugenio Gerorge
is with the Cuban team as manager. The team is determined to crop out good results and go higher in the ranking this time.
Czech Republic
The 38th ranked Women’s National Volleyball team from Czech Republic has come a long way with FIVB. The team is participating in their eleventh World Championship. In the past, they played under the flag of Czechoslovakia. The team has great history
as they took bronze in 1952 and 1960. In the running decade, they finished 17th in 2002 but the team is certainly working to achieve better status. The Czech Republic is playing in the 2010 edition of FIVB World Championship. The team has been placed
with strong teams such as Brazil, Italy, Puerto Rico and the Netherlands in Pool B, while Kenya will also be in the same pool.
The Czech Republic’s team has spent full three months to prepare for the big competition. They played 19 friendly matches against teams from Algeria, Croatia, Poland, Serbia and Bulgaria.

The head coach, Jiri Siller has urged the players to play in the World Championship without taking any pressure of the situation. The coach said, "We had a successful preparation for the World Championship, especially after winning the European Championship
qualification tournament featuring France, Hungary and Austria – it was a good start to my career as a head coach.”
The FIVB World Champion is a great opportunity for the team to learn new tactics and show their talent on a bigger platform.



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