Decal (kinda) Question for a polished chromed frame

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I'm finding it hard to track down some decals for my vintage restoration, so...Do many frame specialists offer anything like this (the Pinarello Lettering, etc) where it's sort of etched into the chrome, or has a satin chrome lettering? Is it a common technique, or am I looking to dig quite a lot deeper into my pockets for this...:

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  1. That is an expensive proposition. The company for whom I design bikes was waffling between having a laser cut (!) logo right into the frame or the metallic decal. Although the decal was cheaper to make it was also MUCH more expensive to apply because of post treatment. To my knowledge the Pinarello that you show has a laser etched logo onto the chrome.

    Chrome is so darn hard that most "safe" etching processes are ruled out, but there are a couple of possibilities that I experimented with if you want to risk it...

    First, if you have a rubber mask cut and applied, the chrome may be sandblasted for an etched appearance. Unfortunately there is the possibility that you expose the steel and have a rust problem at the logo which gets under the chrome and destroys the frame. You could also use a chemically resistant mask and use an acid etch. Although more easily controlled than sandblasting it still lays the prospect open for corrosion.

    If you choose to use a decal it will be essential that a clear coat be put on top of it. This, as you might guess, would dull the finish.

  2. I also asked my expert bike specialist in decal restoration and I'm shocked with the price it ranges from 500-1000$ no kidding.

    but I don't restored my vintage bike campagnolo 1958 model because for some reason why should I bother spending that money for just that decals anyway. BTW I think some good automotive specialist in car body painting will just do the same and it's much cheaper. Why don't you try that out

    **Good Luck**

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