Stripping a chrome dyno bmx frame?

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i wanna get rid of the chrome off my dyno frame,question is, can i do it my self with some elbow grease/solvents or would i have to get it blasted.

any place in the Chicago area while be helpful




  1. Blasted is always better. And will save you tons of time. IT's hard to get in to the little curves of the bike.

  2. cant you just paint over it

  3. Doing it yourself would not be a good idea since there is a good chance that Hexavalent Chrome or Chrome 6 (cr6) is present in the chrome component and is a known carcinogen( think of the Erin Brockavich movie). My advice would be to take the frame to a plating business and they can strip the frame for you and reuse the chrome or a place that can micro bead the chrome off. Also if you do it yourself you may be subject to local environmental enforcement. Good luck.

  4. Chrome is not paint. It is a metal called chromium that is deposited on the frame by electroplating.

    Chemical strippers won't touch it and sandblasting won't take it off to well either. You'll need to take it to a chrome plater and have them remove it... and it will be expensive.

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