Cycling Performance Workshop in London

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Cycling Performance Workshop in London: Join our experts as they deliver an interactive presentation that will provide you with cycling-specific training tips and guidance. The evening will include a behind-the-scenes insight into 'A day in the life of a Team Sky Doctor'.

Performance Coach and Cycling Specialist Matt Curley, will discuss: periodisation, training methods, injury prevention, single leg strength and core stability. He will explain how to plan your training for a big event and provide advice to help you fit this into your busy schedule.

Sports Doctor and member of the Team Sky medical team, Dr Phil Riley, will describe the daily schedule of a Sky Cyclist, as well as his many responsibilities as the Team Doctor. He will cover subjects, such as: athlete biological passports, anti-doping, event logistics, nutritional support and recovery.

For those who may be interested in Bike Fittings, Bespoke Cycling will also be on hand for attendees to approach afterwards.

Early Bird Tickets available until Friday 31st January.

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