Cuba wins bronze at FIVB Boys' Youth Volleyball World Championship

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Cuba wins bronze at FIVB Boys' Youth Volleyball World Championship
The bronze medal match of the FIVB Boys' Youth Volleyball World Championship took place between Cuba and France on August 28, in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. What followed was a fairly one sided competition in which the Cubans dominated the French all through
by making a clean sweep over their opponents to get the third position in the tournament.
The first and the second sets of the match was won by the Cubans quite comfortably as the French did not provide a significant challenge. However, the loss of the first two sets sent a wakeup call to France in response to which they were able to step up
their game. The effort came in too late from the French as the Cubans did not feel threatened and sealed the deal on the match at the following final set scores: 25-18, 25-17 and 25-21.
The coach of the Cuban team, Rodolfo Sanchez, expressed his joy in the following manner at the press conference that was conducted after the match had reached its close: “Congratulations to France because they are a great team. I want to congratulate my
team because they could overcome last night loss and we have worked hard before coming here.”
On the other hand, the French coachm, Jean-Manuel Leprovost, gave the following statements: “Congratulations to Cuba. I want to thank Argentina public for their support and I want to say that the organization was great. We feel disappointed because we could
have played the final match but we lost against Serbia and that loss made us tired for this match.”
The French side fell to making errors in the first set and enabled the Cubans to take a lead early on and build on the advantage. The French could not gain any headway and kept trailing behind to see the Cubans off to a set win at 25-18.
The Cubans were leading at 8-6 when the first technical time out of the second set came and still had the advantage at 16-15. After the two sides came back onto the courts, the Cubans sped up and left the French in the lurch. Cuba won the second set at 25-17
quite easily.
A two set deficit got the French worried and they were able to lead the third set at 8-6. However, the Cubans were not in a mood to give up and took the advantage at 16-11. Once they had the lead, Cuba did not let go of it and rested only after securing
the set at 25-21.
The top scorer from the Cuban side was Yordan Bisset with 19 points whereas the Soane Falafala was able to register the highest number of points for the French by scoring 15.



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