Fourth consecutive lay day called for Billabong Pro Tahiti – 2011 ASP World Tour

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Fourth consecutive lay day called for Billabong Pro Tahiti – 2011 ASP World Tour
The fifth stop of 2011 Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Tour, Billabong Pro Tahiti, failed to resume on Wednesday, August 24, as the event organisers called a fourth consecutive lay day for the event.
The three to four-foot waves breaking at the event site compelled the event organisers to put the event on hold and extend the wait for the huge swell that had been forecast to hit Teahupo’o soon.
While talking to a reporter about the much awaited huge swell, the ASP International Head Judge Pritamo Ahrendt said, “This next fetch of swell is looking to be very strong but isn’t scheduled to fill in until later today. We’ve called competition off for
the day and it looks like tomorrow has a real possibility of recommencing competition with Round 2 in some really solid conditions.”
Reportedly, the swell is marching through Pacific towards Teahupo’o and will start filling up by late afternoon.
The event organisers have been keeping the latest stop of the World Tour on hold since Sunday, looking to resume the competition once the swells appear. The competitors are satisfied with the event organiser’s decision and looking forward to show off their
surfing prowess in perfect conditions.
When the competition resumes, France’s Jeremy Flores will be going head-to-head with Tahiti-local Heiarii Williams in the opening heat of Round 2 to remain in contention for the event-title.
Billabong Pro Tahiti has the ASP Top 34 in attendance, promising nothing but a heavy dose of exciting surfing action over the next few days as the surfers look to make their way towards the event title and improve their position on the World Rankings.
The current event is also crucial as it is the second last stop before the mid-season September rotation. The top 32 surfers on the ASP World Rankings will remain in contention for the ASP World Championship title. The current competitors in World Tour will
not only be competing against each other to keep their place among the elite ranks, but will also be competing against the surfers sitting higher than them on the World Rankings.



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