Carlos Beltran sparks as New York Mets defeat St. Louis Cardinals 4-2 – MLB Update

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Carlos Beltran sparks as New York Mets defeat St. Louis Cardinals 4-2 – MLB Update
New York Mets’ right-fielder, Carlos Beltran had a notable day as he went 3-for-3 with a batting average of .293 and added one run with two walks in the Mets’ 4-2 win against the St. Louis Cardinals at Citi Field, New York on July 19.
First four innings of the game were empty as the batters got out without any run. At the top of the first inning, Ryan Theriot flied out to right-field, Jon Jay flied out towards left-field and Albert Pujols flied out to centre-field. Similarly, Beltran
doubled off right-field while Justin Turner flied out to right-field and Daniel Murphy flied out to centre-field without giving even a single run to the Mets.
Jay walked during the fourth inning but Theriot again flied out to right-field and missed the scoring opportunities for the Cardinals. Despite the score-less efforts in the initial innings, the Cardinals scored one run at the top of the fifth while the Mets
went ahead 2-1 by exploding two runs at the bottom of the fifth inning. Kyle Lohse singled off centre-field and Lance Berkman posted the first run for the Cardinals.
Berkman said, “He left it up, just a mistake, he didn't make many.”
On the other side, Angel Pagan doubled towards deep right-field while Jose Reyes and Turner both added two collective runs for the Mets. In the sixth inning, the Mets’ batters blasted two runs again to give their team a 4-1 lead. Turner and Beltran both
scored two runs jointly when Murphy drove a double-run shot towards deep centre-field.
The Mets’ manager, Terry Collins had a huge ovation for Reyes and Beltran and said, “Our lineup certainly changes with those two guys in that order.”
The Cardinals’ manager, Tony La Russa said, “They pitched better, played better, hit better. They had some key outs, we had some big misses.”
The Cardinals were able to put only one run on their score-card during the seventh inning to cut their deficit 4-2 when Berkman struck a solo homer (448 feet) towards right-centre field. It was considered as 26th homer for Berkman in the regular
season. The batters were struck-out during the last two innings without any run.
The Mets led off the three-game series 1-0 after having a decent win.



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