Brad Emaus’ hitting helps New York Mets defeat St. Louis Cardinals 16-3 – MLB Update

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Brad Emaus’ hitting helps New York Mets defeat St. Louis Cardinals 16-3 – MLB Update

Brad Emaus put in a tremendous batting performance making four runs including a solo home-run, which resulted in the New York Mets 16-3 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals at Digital Domain Park, Florida on March 24.
Emaus' notable concert appeared after the Mets selected Justin Turner to Triple-A Buffalo, who become helpful for Brad to succeed. With his exemplary performance, Emaus got more chances to play in the Opening Day with the same field position. Daniel Murphy
and Luis Hernandez are in the rotation spot. Emaus reached .293 with the bat during the spring season.
The Mets’ manager Terry Collins was also content with his performance and believes that he could perform well in the regular season. Collins further added that Emaus rocked the ball well. He displayed a game winning role.
In addition to Emaus, all other players of the Mets also demonstrated a tremendous job. Angel Pagan, Josh Thole, David Wright and Minor League player like Matt Den Dekker also made a home-run. This is the reason that the Mets ended with 23 hits against the
Cardinals, as almost all of the players got hits.
Brad expressed his excitement and said, “I just went out and had a good day. Like I've said, every day is a new day. I felt like my swing is starting to get a little bit better, and I had some good swings out there.”
The Mets posted eight runs in the fourth inning, counting seven directly two-out strikes after a mistake of extending the inning by second baseman Skip Schumaker.
The Cardinals’ lefty Jaime Garcia felt something instinctively mistaken with his throws or releasing the ball in the fourth inning, but he wasn't worried. Garcia gave up 10 runs and just three were earned on 14 strikes with no walks in four innings. He managed
to hit out one batter.
Speaking to reporters, Garcia said, “I threw a lot of strikes today. It's mechanical when you are walking a lot of people and falling behind every time. But today, I was able to get ahead. I made good pitches early in the game. That inning was a long inning.”
The Mets didn't strike Garcia hard due to his impressive pitching. Den Dekker struck a three-run hit to Mitchell Boggs in the sixth inning while Emaus and Thole hit home-runs off Eduardo Sanchez in the fifth inning. The Mets’ left-hand starting pitcher Chris
Capuano permitted three runs and two earned on eight strikes in five innings.
The Mets put in a brilliant effort as they managed to score a massive amount of runs and humiliate the Cardinals. The win will definitely give the Mets a huge boost of confidence before the regular season begins.



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