My neteured cat has started peeing everywhere!?

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This all started after we had to take care of my sisters female cat for a few days.The bad idea is the other cat would use my cats litter box and wouldnt get along with my cat.So now my cat has been looking for her and peeing everywhere!Could it be stressed or just plain misses her!? or just terrified and now is starting to ''claim'' what is his.?




  1. I think its a bit of both.  My male cat peed everywhere until he trained properly - then my female had kittens - and he peed EVERYWHERE.  Now they have gone he is back in the litter box :)

  2. Stress can cause cats to do this. If it doesn't let up after a few days there are pills you can get that will calm it down (from the vet) and stop the behavior. Other than that it could be a UTI or crystals in its urine which are particularly dangerous to male cats as they can block the urethra and cause death. Both conditions make it painful to urinate and so the cat will avoid the normal place of urination as they associate it with the pain. Watch for blood in the urine, small frequent amounts of urination, or acting like he is going to urinate but nothing coming out. If any of this behavior happens you should treat it as an emergency and take your cat to the vet asap. Otherwise you need to make sure you clean the areas they have urinated with a cleaner with the word enzyme or enzymatic on it as this will completely destroy and remaining urine stain/smell which can cause the cat to repeatedly go there.

  3. Both of my cats does this for a few days after they were neutered. They did stop doing it after 2 or 3 days. I just chalked it up to them being slightly traumatized.

  4. Or a bladder infection? I'd call a vet just to be safe.  

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