Can anyone tell me what a democratic republic is?

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I was just recently talking with someone about the differences between a democracy and a republic. I mentioned that I believed America is a Republic not a democracy and they countered that it's actually a democratic republic. I tried to look up a definition of what that is but can't really find anything specifically defining it, only talking about already existing governments. This isn't homework or anything (I'm 27), I'm just curious. If you can point me to a website, I'll read that instead. Thanks.




  1. Democrat - HIGHER Taxes, Bigger Govt.,  send all your money to the Washington DC and they will make all your decisions for you.

    Republican - LOWER Taxes, Smaller Govt., KEEP more of your money and make the choices that are best for you and your family.

  2. well... I'm not sure that's exactly a technical term.. .but it's fairly easy to see what she's saying...

    a Republic doesn't have to be democratic exactly... so, a democratic republic would be a Republic where the representatives are elected by the people...

    like in the Roman Republic...some leaders were appointed if I remember correctly...even though some were elected...

  3. Technically we are a 'Constitution-based federal republic'.

    But everyone has a view on which section of that definition matters more.

    The types:

  4. you are correct your friend drinks to much kool aid

    no such animal as a democratic republic......however let me back up

    here she may have meant we are a republic...which believes in democracy for cut her slack...g/f..i will be 28-nex't month.virgo

    you ?

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