Boxing analyst Antonio Tarver talks about Mayweather vs. Cotto – Boxing News

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Boxing analyst Antonio Tarver talks about Mayweather vs. Cotto – Boxing News
The current IBO cruiserweight champion and former light heavyweight champion and Antonio Tarver, also known as Magic Man, spoke about Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming fight against Miguel Cotto. Tarver, who currently works as a TV boxing analyst, compared both
the pugilists and predicted what might happen in the ring on May 5 when both of them finally meet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
According to Tarver, “I think that Mayweather’s coming in with all the natural God-given ability and talent, and Cotto comes in with the physical game. But we’ve seen Cotto beat, and beaten bad on two occasions. He was outclassed against (Manny) Pacquiao,
and he took a beating against (Antonio) Margarito. We haven’t seen that with Floyd Mayweather yet. I think he (Mayweather) is at the top of the game right now, and he’s gonna have more options to do the things that he does in the ring. Cotto’s gonna have to
be perfect.”
Tarver, like others, believe that if Cotto wants to beat Mayweather he will have to be perfect. According to Tarver, Cotto needs to bring in a flawless game and a well planned one if he wants to take down Mayweather. He added that Cotto needs to be physical,
have good defence technique and he will have to match Mayweather. He further said that Cotto would have to make sure to punch Mayweather whenever he opens up. According to Tarver, Cotto will have to match Mayweather’s speed and the only way to do it is to
punch whenever Mayweather is opening up to punch. However, he admitted, that this would be a big risk for Cotto since he will have to defend and punch at the same time, something that is not as easy as it sounds.
Mayweather has stepped into the ring 42 times and has remained unbeaten to date. No fighter has been able to beat him yet, and Cotto can be the first one. Considering the popularity of Mayweather, it will be an honour for Cotto to defeat him and walk away
with the glory. However, most analysts believe that Cotto does not have what it takes to beat a fighter like Mayweather.



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