Blake Griffin’s Top Ten games in the regular season 2010-201: NBA Special Report (Part-2)

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Blake Griffin’s Top Ten games in the regular season 2010-201: NBA Special Report (Part-2)
January 17th vs. Indiana Pacers
The All-Star Blake Griffin truly had an impressive scoring night against the Indiana Pacers at the Staples Center and guided his team for an enthralling 114-107 victory. He racked up a blistering game-high 47 points and clutched
14 rebounds to overshadow the Pacers in the fourth quarter.
Indiana forward Danny Granger said after the game."We never recovered from that. Baron Davis and Blake Griffin were too tough down the stretch."
The prolific Griffin haunted the opposition extensively throughout the game. The Pacers strived to retaliate in the fourth quarter and brought down the deficit to 1 point however Griffin’s 11 points in the final 12 minutes outshined
the opposition for an outstanding victory.
January 22 vs. Golden State Warriors
Griffin buried a tiebreaking blow from beyond the arc with 46 seconds remaining in the final buzzer to power the Clippers for a breathtaking 113-109 win over the Golden State Warriors
The prolific star finished the night with a team-high 30 points and 18 to put his team on the frontline. The spirited power forward was excessively dominant on the both offense and defense sides of the court that provided the home
team a magnificent victory.
Griffin led his team formidably to seal 65-56 advantage going into the halftime. On the verge of cutting down the deficit, the Warriors took the charge aggressively and escalated 105-105 tie in the last minute of the game. However,
Blake came up with a blistering 3-pointer in an exciting pull off.
January 31st vs. Milwaukee Bucks  
It’s very hard for an opposition to restrict the invincible Griffin at his own building as the Milwaukee Bucks faced the influential charisma this time at the Staples Center on Monday night. Blake racked up a game-high 32 points
and grabbed 11 rebounds to spearhead his team for their ninth straight home victory.
Griffin scored 10 points in the first quarter as the Clippers clinched a comprehensive 26-16 advantage. He carried the action in the next three quarters and guided the Clippers for 105-98 victory.
February 2nd vs. Chicago Bulls
Although the Chicago Bulls defeated the Los Angeles Clippers however the spirited Griffin didn’t made the life easy for the winning team. He shared a game-high 32 points with the star guard Derrick Rose and gathered 13 rebounds
to show some fight back.
Griffin displayed a great performance before halftime and scored 25 points in the first half of the game to keep the Clippers close. However, due to the lack of support from the remaining Clippers, the Bulls surged incredibly after
the halftime to clinch a comprehensive 106-88 win  
March 23rd vs. Washington Wizards
Blake Griffin notched his first triple-double as the Clippers outplayed the Washington Wizards for an electrifying 127-119 double-overtime victory at the Staples Center. Blake extremely had an impressive night with the ball and
racked up 33 points, 17 rebounds and 10 assist.
Griffin surged with a put back dunk shot in the second overtime and Kaman and Foye followed with successive blows as the Clippers sealed a tremendous victory.
April 13th vs. Memphis Grizzlies
At the Staples Center, the Clippers outshined the Memphis Grizzlies with a thrilling 110-103 victory followed by another Triple-double from their vigorous power forward Griffin. He landed a game-high 31 points, grabbed 10 rebounds
and dished out 10 assist to lead his team with example.
Accompanied with the sheer dominance from Blake, the home team managed to procure a massive 66-37 advantage going into the halftime that resulted in an outstanding victory.  



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