Memphis Grizzlies: Ten best games of the 2010-2011 regular season – NBA Special Report – Part 2

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Memphis Grizzlies: Ten best games of the 2010-2011 regular season – NBA Special Report – Part 2
12th January vs. Detroit Pistons
The Memphis Grizzlies were tremendously led by star forward Zach Randolph, who truly had an impressive scoring night and outperformed the spirited Detroit Pistons at the Palace of Auburn Hills with a smashing 107-99 victory.
The Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins said after the game, "The road is tough and it's hard winning anywhere in the NBA. To come in and get one, it's always nice and we just move forward."
Randolph racked up a game high 34 points and clutched 17 rebounds as the Grizzlies snapped their two games losing streak. Ben Gordon came off the bench for the Pistons and landed a team-high 25 points however his super effort resulted
insufficient against the star power of the Memphis.
The first half of the game ended in high spirits for the Pistons when they were leading by three points. In the lights of the All-Star Randolph, the Memphis utterly subjugated the third period and procured a massive 73-64 lead
before entering the final quarter. The home team strived to retaliate in the last 12 minutes however they failed to overcome the huge deficit that was posted by the visiting Grizzlies in the third quarter.
8th February vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
At the Oklahoma City Arena, Randolph and Tony Allen combined for 58 points to marshal the Memphis Grizzlies for a thrilling 105-101 overtime victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.
The Thunders’ forward Kevin Durant shared a game-high 31 points with Randolph whereas the infamous guard Russell Westbrook ended the night with 21 points and 11 assists. Both the teams’ showed great aggression throughout the night
however Zach and Mike Conley took the game away in the extra 5 minutes from the Oklahoma City.
Thunders’ coach Scott Brooks said, "It was a tough night with our turnovers and they were tough to overcome. We can't always try to make the homerun play. They're a good team. I knew we were gonna be in for a tough game."
The Grizzlies were leading the game 74-71 with the start of the fourth quarter when the thunder charged inn impressively and escalated a tie 95-95 with the end of the period. Randolph surged with a couple of layup shots and Conley
buried decisive free throws to clinch a magnificent victory.
 1st March vs. San Antonio Spurs
The Memphis Grizzlies overpowered the league’s best San Antonio Spurs for an enthralling 109-93 victory at the FedEx Forum on Tuesday night. All of the Spurs’ starters failed to land double figures that provided enough room to
the Grizzles to seal an effortless win in the end.
The frontrunner Zach Randolph racked up a game-high 21 points while Tony Allen finished the night with 20 points to put Memphis on the frontline. The first half of the game had some wavering moments for both the teams however the
Grizzlies wrapped up 9 points advantage as the game progressed into the halftime.
The Memphis was absolutely outstanding in the third quarter and amplified the lead to 83-67 to thrash the Spurs out of the game. In the fourth quarter, San Antonio assailed from long distance and landed a number of 3-pointers however
it did not harmed the home team as the Grizzlies notched up an effortless win in the end.



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