Are there any home businesses online that you can make decent money?

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I'm not talking about getting rich. I don't believe in that unless if you yourself find something you have to offer that sells well online. I'm talking about a business that you can make $20 to couple hundred dollars a day. Legal and realistic. Thanks.




  1. Hi, take a look at these, they may be of help to you, and give you some idea of what else is out there,

    Best of luck,


  2. Just about any business that you dedicate your time and energy into can make a very decent amount of money or more.  It all depends on how you market your business regardless if it's an on line business or an off line business.  Several different ways to market something.

    I know a lot of different people who have different on line businesses that do very well with.  Each make a different amount of money each day.  They all market theirs differently too.  So the amount of money you make in your own business, depends on what you do with it.

    Here's a place where you can find some realistic and legal on line businesses.  A few ideas there too.

  3. If you wish to earn that amount of money, you must go into affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is selling other people products, like eBook or services, etc.

    Unlike eBay, you don't need your own product before you can do any actual selling.

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  5. Well, first of the only way to make money online is to "build" something.  You need to think of marketing on the internet like a business.  By this I mean you need to focus on something long term, that you work at each day and it becomes something that in the future is like a business that continues to grow and expand and make you more money.  I honestly think that if you can accept this you are on the right track to making money online.  There is nothing wrong with a quick buck here and there, but many methods people use to make money online are short term.  They do not focus on building assets/business and every few months they need to think of something new.  Hopefully this will get you started.

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  6. Any business venture takes time, energy and commitment.  I started my own telecommuncation business with 5linx Enterprises.  Please visit the corporate website for more information

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    Good luck with your business decision.

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