Do you need to register a debit card on ebay in order to sell ?

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we want to sell on ebay we have a paypal account but want to know if a debit card is also needed.




  1. Well i am registered on e-bay and i dont have a credit or debit card, all they wanted of me was the bank details, so no you dont need one.

  2. If you have a Paypal account you can choose to earn through the money you have funded in to your PayPal account already OR via yes your Debit  or credit card.

    You dont have to earn vis eBay through Paypal only. You can use Cheque etc.

  3. To help provide a safe environment for the eBay community, you need to provide a credit or debit card to create a seller’s account or verify your identity by phone. In some cases, you’ll also need to provide your bank account information. Your personal information is protected by eBay's Privacy Policy and encrypted by the industry standard SSL technology.

  4. Yes you need to have a credit card to sell on ebay,if you have a pay pal account you possibly used a credit card for that  ?? if so you can use the same account to sell on ebay  

  5. No, you don't need a debit card to sell on eBay.

  6. yes you do.

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