Am I Middle Class?

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Okay, I have been struggling with my socio-economic status for quite a while.

Okay, I am 16 years old and about to begin college.

My dad is the director of a company and my mum is a councillor.

We go on two foreign holidays a year.

My parents combinded income is around £65,000.

They both drive Audi.

My older sister is a child care assesor.

My older brother is a University Student.

I'm not talking about myself just for fun, I would genuinely like to know?




  1. Money has nothing to do with class, it is to do with breeding....

  2. i agree with Janet w

  3. Heya Jake S!

    Your middle class.

    Upper middle class is people like Tony blair

    Upper class is The Queen and 'Sir' Alan sugar or 'Sir' Trevor mcdonald  (How on earth does he deserve that i do not know!)

    Have a nice day :)


    EDIT: Some people can be so rude!

  4. i disagree with class labels, but yes i guess your middle class

  5. Yes you are, if you feel that the class system is relevant, then you are middle class. Of course it will depend on the profession you pursue.

  6. Upper middle class.

  7. I think you are middle class because 65K household income is quite a lot in my opinion.

  8. no you are lower class because a true upper class person would never dream of telling people what they do and dont have !

    it doesnt matter where you are from, or what you have got its where you are going to that matters, or in your case where you are heading for, and that is for a fall. as the old saying goes," pride comes before a fall"

  9. Who cares. What you contribute in your life is more important than posessions or keeping up with  the jones's.

  10. Your living it decent, g*y btw jk llol

  11. No you're not. You are upper bottom class.

  12. i think you know the answer...its undoubtedly yes

  13. high middle class for sure.!

  14. Yep! You sound like a typical middle class. =]


  15. ur such a snob!

  16. since your going to be a nurse, are you gunna were a sponge bob uniform?

    oh to answer your question liddle middle class..

    like upper.



    so your middle.

  17. perhaps people might placate your ego by labelling you "middle class" but since the only credentials you actually supply about yourself are that your 16 and you intend to be a nurse I can't really judge. I will suggest however that you take more concern over your evident inability to spell rather than a socio-cultural label which only has purpose when posing idiotic questions like this.

  18. Yes upper middle (a social class classification B)

  19. i would say you were upper middle class

  20. upper middle class

  21. i agree with Jo and Janet W, in my oponion you are selfish-snob class, you should be grateful for what you've got or rather your kinda privileged upbringing a high social class won't make you any better than plain old joe bloggs.
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