Low class or middle class?

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Does anyone know what annual salary clasifies you as low class, and what as middle class? We live in Maryland(in America) and our annual income is $36,000. I'm wondering if this is considered low class, middle low, or middle now days? Anyone know?




  1. I think this class system is ignorant.  It makes no sense at all.  If you have no salary, but you have 10000000000000 dollars, you are low class right???  Whenever I think of low class or middle class, I think about the living standard, but it seems like it is more about education than living standard.  

    They really should put more information like your total assets, income from investments . . . etc.

    I'm low class, but in more ways than one.

  2. It depends on family size.  For a family of 4,  the poverty level in the U S is about $24,000.  That certainly would be considered lower class.  The official figures are actually $21,200.  But we all know how the government likes to lie.  They don't take into account taxes, etc.

  3. There is no particular salary. There are many factors that would classify you as middle or lower class.

    one's class is determined largely by:


    education and qualifications

    income, personal, household and per capita

    wealth or net worth, including the ownership of land, property, means of production, et cetera

    family background and aspirations. Although class is rarely hereditary in a strict sense, it will often be affected by such factors as upbringing and the class of one's parents. The child of high status professionals will grow up with the expectation that a similar occupation is an attainable goal, whereas a child of lower status parents in a run down neighborhood will often have much lower aspirations based upon what they see around them. The degree to which, in a given society, an individual's, family's, or group's social status can change throughout the course of their life through a system of social hierarchy or stratification is referred to as Social Mobility. Subsequently, it is also the degree to which that individual's or group's descendants move up and down the class system. The degree to which an individual can move through their system can be based on attributes and achievements or factors beyond their control.

  4. For Maryland, probably lower middle class.



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