Air Force Deployment ?

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I am thinking about joining the Air Force to become a ground vehicle mechanic and I don't really understand the whole thing on getting stationed and then deployed? I thought that they stationed you somewhere and that's the base that you work on? What's getting deployed? I mostly hear about Army getting the most deployments and what are the chances of me getting deployed somewhere as a ground mechanic? And when I am stationed after school do I have to be married in order for my spouse to move in with me? Do I get free housing on base? Any help with all this would be greatly appreciated, Thank You




  1. "And when I am stationed after school do I have to be married in order for my spouse to move in with me? "

    Yes - you have to be married to have a spouse otherwise you are single.  

  2. You really need to talk to a recruiter.

    1. stationed and then deployed? You have a home base and then you go away to deployment locations which can be almost anywhere in the world.

    2. After school, do I have to be married in order for my spouse to move in with me? d**n straight! That's why its called Married Enlisted (Quarters) Housing.

    3. Do I get Free housing?  If you can get housing on base which is limited.  If not and you have dependents (wife and/ or kids), you will get an allowance and you'll have to find quarters on the local economy or, if available, contracted quarters.  

    I had fantastic quarters on base when I was married and as a single parent.  I wish I had the quality and amount of living space today that I had on AD.

  3. Good questions....

    Stationed means the location in which you work. Example is "I'm stationed in Manhiem, Germany".

    Deployment means you are activated to a mission and sent somewhere. Example is "I was deployed to Sarejevo, Bosnia in support of Operation Just Cause". You still have a duty station (home base), it just means you've been sent there for a mission and will return to your duty station once the mission is complete.

    Any branch can be deployed and same goes for any job. Some more so than others. Chances of you getting deployed as an Air Force fixer upper are very slim. Possible, but slim chance.

    If you are married and get stationed somewhere then yes, your wife and children will be allowed to join you at the militaries expense.

    Yes you get free housing if it's available. If not then you make a good chunk of change to find your own place.
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